Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not a very good day

Bruno left on a business trip yesterday, for two weeks. I went to my parents' this morning to spend the day, like I usually do when I'm alone with the kiddos. Hugo, who is in general really sweet and nice was not behaving really nicely. He was loud and all over the place, lifting the babies up and taking everything they were playing with. My brother, his girlfriend and my two nieces also came over my parents' for dinner. After dinner, his girlfriend was trying to put my niece down for a nap and Hugo was still very loud. Nothing very unusual but he was starting to get on everyone's nerves. I kept hearing my two brothers saying : "Hugo, stop !" and after a while I just put Hugo in time out, for actually no reason at all. He was just being excited I guess. I felt like such a failure as a mom, like I can't control my own kid. After that, I just stopped talking, packed all the stuff, the kids and left. I didn't even clean up the table and pick up the toys like I normally do. As we were leaving, I asked Hugo why he was behaving that way, how come he can't be nice and sweet when there's other people around (like he is when we're alone) and you know what he tells me... Mom, you know that I'm a bad boy. I just started crying. I don't even know if he realizes what it means really, and I don't know who told him that, but I couldn't stop crying (and still can't). I mean, why would he think that ? I tried to tell him that he's the one who decides to be nice or bad... that he knows what to do to be nice and just do it. Anyways, after bathing all 3 kiddos and giving the babies their bottles and putting them to bed, he just sat down on my lap, read his stories and went to bed... being sweet and nice as he usually is. I don't know how come he behaves like that when we are visiting someone or when there's someone over.

Bruno called me up also and he didn't have a good day as well. He went to dinner with his dad when he arrived in Virginia and they had a very extensive talk about the companies. Bruno's family has 2 companies, one in Quebec and one in the States. They were supposed to complete each other, but now they are just competing with one another. They produce the same stuff and a lot of expenses of the Virginia company is paid by the Qc one. Of course, on paper, it looks like the Qc's company is going down and my FIL (who's quite delusional) wants to shut it down or it'll go in bankcruptcy. Bruno was shaking still from everything his dad said when he called me. I HATE stuff like that, I HATE family business and I HATE uncertain future.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


Kylee said...

Oh Mel, I have been there too. Mine was more when the twins were younger, and when I went places I felt like they were being a burden, when really they are being a kid. I know exactly how you feel.
I also think it's the age, Caleb has been a little challenging lately too. Sometimes I think he just wants one on one time.
You are not a failure of a mom at all!! You do better than me when your husband is gone!
I hope you have a better day!

Anonymous said...

You are not an awful mother. Emma is like that more than not. It must be the age.
As for family business and uncertain future: don't even get me started. Everyday I think we are going bankrupt. It really sucks. HUGS and thoughts to you.