Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New pics

I always knew this day would come, but never thought it was this close. Felix is pulling up on furniture ! And he's also able to sit by himself. Poor little guy had the sun in his eyes.

Laurie in her bath.

Laurie being pretty.

My 2 boys.

I always find him in the strangest spots.


Autumn said...

Looks like you might have been the victim of some spam comments. :(

I love the new pics. I cannot believe how big everyone is looking. I love how Felix is everywhere. Such a boy. Laurie is beautiful as always. And Hugo looks like he grew overnight.

Kylee said...

Yikes on the spam comments! What is wrong with people? I digress.

Holy crap you have cute kids! Felix cracks me up with his hiding spots and cute face! Hugo looks so grown-up! I think him and Felix look just alike!
Laurie is beautiful! What a gorgeous smile she has!

BuddyBlog said...

Oh goodness, that last pic is the best!!!