Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm cheap !! :)

I'm currently browsing the latest In Style issue (that I got for free lol) and I came to the conclusion that I'm cheap ! Seriously, do you know anyone who would pay $385 for a pair of Jimmy Choo metallic leather flats ? (and those are reasonably priced... there are way more expensive shoes out there). Sure, they're cute, but they're still shoes :)
I also really really like this bag by Michael Kors, but at $698, I don't think so :)

My latest cheap discovery this summer was Steve and Barry's ( I went there when we were in Virginia Beach and everything was at $8.98. I got some really nice fitting jeans from the Bitten collection by Sarah Jessica Parker for $8.98 !! They're my new favorite jeans :) I cannot wait to go shopping there again.

Anyways, I'm now assuming myself and I'm cheap ! :)


Autumn said...

I'm totally with you on the cheapness...I just can't justify spending THAT much money. Even though it is cute. LOL. :)

Kylee said...

I'm cheap too! I am with Autumn I could never justify spending that much money. I love deals!