Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Christmas Gifts... Ideas ??

I'm starting to make the kids' Christmas gifts list (I know... already :) !) And it's also the twins' birthday in November. Everyone keeps asking me for ideas and I don't know what they want :)

So far, I got for Hugo the Lego Fire Station (he's been wanting it for soooo long). He'll get money from my MIL & FIL so he can go to the Lego shop in Disney and choose his own gift. My parents will get him clothes and a tractor, my brother (his godfather) will get him ice skates and my aunt (who gives gifts to all the grandkids) will probably get him a board game.

For the babies, I'm stuck.

I've bought Laurie the Little People castle (since it was on sale) and I want to get Felix the Little People race track (if I can find it - they didn't have it at Toys 'r us when I went). I've been looking at the Laugh and Learn purse and tool kit as well. So that will cover MY gifts.

Now I need to find something from : my parents, my IL's, their godparents, my brother and my aunt. For their birthday and for Christmas ! Ideas anyone ??? What gifts did your kids absolutely adore ?

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