Sunday, November 02, 2008

Twins' Birthday Party

We threw the twins' birthday party today since my father-in-law was in town. They had such a blast. They had cake and tons of gifts. They love each and every one of them. It was such a long day though... glad it's over.

I cannot believe they'll be one year old in 10 days. It's amazing how fast time fly.

Here are some pics :

And here's a pic of Hugo in his Halloween costume. He kept it all day long last Friday :)


Autumn said...

NO! There is no way they are turning 1! They were just born. I can't get enough of those cake pictures! Laurie's dress is beautiful. I love Hugo's costume. Felix is such a little man already!!

BuddyBlog said...

OMG!!!!! They will be one? Tomorrow? Wow, time flies.

Did you make their cakes? I made a #1 cake for Andre...didn't turn out so well! LOL

Cute pics, Mel. :)

Mel said...

Yes, D I made their cakes. Thanks :)