Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy First Birthday to my babies !!!

Almost one year ago I was so nervous, anxious, excited and big !! I told my husband on the way to the hospital : "You know, life will never be the same again". And you know what, I was right. It has been an amazing year, filled with joy and happiness as well as restless nights and a bit of sadness (acknowledging that I'll never be pregnant again :( ). Everyday I am thankful to be the mother of three beautiful, healthy children.

Here's Laurie's first picture.

And here's Felix's first picture :

And here they are a year later :

Everyday I'm amazed just looking at them. Felix is such a climber. We always find him up on some table or chair or emptying the cupboards or drawers. He also can be found playing in the toilet bowl (that's my favorite !!). He has four teeth and he's repeating a lot of the things we say (or he's trying... mostly sounds like gaga, but still... he tries). Felix doesn't really have a favorite toy, but he sure does like to follow Hugo around and play with whatever Hugo's playing with.

Laurie is more laid back. She lets people come to her instead of going to them. She is just starting to push herself up. She's a cuddler, whenever she's in my arms, she just hugs me and gives me kisses. She's the sweetest. She understands a lot of what we're saying. She still has no teeth and almost no hair (what's up with that lol !!!) Her favorite toys are the Little People figurines. She loves playing with those.

Tomorrow they'll be one year old... Happy first birthday my sweet babies !!!


Autumn said...

Happy Birthday to Laurie and Felix! It's not fair how quickly the first year goes. What beautiful miracles all your three children are!

Kylee said...

Happy Birthday to Laurie and Felix! I can't believe they are one! They are so freakin cute!!

BuddyBlog said...

Look at Laurie sucking her fingers!!!!! They are so beautiful! Happy Birthday sweeties!