Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Today is my birthday. I'm 34, I cannot believe I'm almost half-way through the thirties :( Anyways, I got a lot of phone calls and emails from my family and friends, which is very nice. My mom and aunt even came over and brought me a moccachino cake and a box of chocolates; do they know me or what ? ;) While I would have appreciated that they scrubbed my floors(Laurie spits up all the time and I was in the middle of cleaning up the house), I guess that I'll be able to eat some cake and chocolate since I burnt a lot of calories scrubbing the floors all over the house and I did go on a 50 minutes walk this morning :)

However, I'm a bit disappointed. Last night, one of my best friends called to postpone our spa day till October, so I had to call the spa today and have them change our appointments. So I left her a message this morning to tell her everything was ok and when she called me back she didn't even mention my birthday :( Best friend indeed.

On a happier note, I have this pair of capri pants that I just love and I had them for quite a while. Well, today I noticed that I don't even have to unbutton them to put them on and off ! Yay !


Kylee said...

Happy Birthday Mel!! My card will be late..damn different country!! LOL I am sorry that your friend had to postpone your spa day. I hope that you had a great day filled with lots of love and cake!! Hayley spits up all the time too! What is it with these girls?
If I lived in Quebec we would have gone out!

Congrats on your weight loss!

Anonymous said...

sorry you had to postpone your spa day, if I lived closer I would ahve gone! I love it when my pants are so big I can pull them on like that! YAY YAY YA for you!!!!!!!