Thursday, August 14, 2008

No naps for Hugo - Day 1

Lately Hugo has been very hard to put to bed. He would go on and on... wanting another story, going to the bathroom, wanting some water, wanting hugs and kisses (how can you refuse that ? lol). I would put him to bed at around 8:15 and wouldn't sleep till 9:30-10. So yesterday, I told his babysitter not to force him to take naps. He did sit on the couch and watched tv a bit, then went to play with the other kids. But he was asleep by 8:30 last night. *Sigh* it looks like my "free" afternoons are over :)


Kylee said...

I can't believe he was still taking naps! You are so lucky!! Caleb and Meghan stopped after 3 years. AHHHHHHH!

Anonymous said...

seriously, you should feel pretty lucky! Emma stopped taking naps over a year ago! It is HELL! I have NO time to myself at all...Alex only takes the one nap from 11-1 and during that time Emma harasses me non-stop.

BuddyBlog said...

I tried to take naps away from Bryce and he turned into a monster! Bedtime is late though. Hopefully we'll get on a better schedule before school. Sorry you don't get your "down time" anymore!