Thursday, July 17, 2008

They're crawling !!!

Yes, the twins are now crawling. sigh ! I thought they started a few weeks ago at home when I didn't find them in the spot I put them, but today is the first day that I actually saw them crawl. Felix is even pushing up on all fours. Now things are gonna get fun :)

On a side note... even though I absolutely adore the warmth and sun of the South... my hair doesn't. I can't get it to do anything decent. So apparently for the rest of our trip, I'll be dealing with really frizzy, bad hair :)


Autumn said...

CRAWLING?!?!?!? Oh, my goodness. It is far too soon for that.

And as far as the hair issue...pony tails. :)

Kylee said...

Holy crap, didn't you just have them :( I can't believe how fast time flies. And, boy you are in for it now! Let me tell you, twins are easy when they are babies!

My hair is like that all the time. Humidity sucks!!