Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home... not today :(

We had a blast in Virginia Beach. Hugo loved playing in the sand, the ocean and try to capture crabs. The babies loved sleeping on the beach. I cannot wait to download the pictures. Unfortunately it won't be today :( We left Virginia Beach this morning at 2am. Things were going great, there was no traffic, the kids were all sleeping. At around 9:30 am, Bruno started to notice that his truck was losing power. We found a Ford dealer on the GPS and were heading that way. At the end of the exit, the truck completely stopped. Bruno took a look at it, went to the garage to get a part and tried to repair it, but it didn't start. So we had to have it towed. Hugo loved that part, he keeps saying Mater came to tow us. So here we are now, parked in the dealer's parking lot in Shippensburg, PA, waiting for a part that is supposed to arrive tomorrow. After that, it'll take around 4 hours to repair it. The dealer was nice enough to allow us to plug our trailer so we have a/c and we will sleep here. He also lent us a car so we can go and have dinner later (and hopefully shopping a bit... there has to be a bright side to this). With my laptop, I was able to find a wireless connection, so here I am, playing on the internet and drinking a Rockstar Roasted Latte (very good by the way) while the kids are sleeping. Hopefully next time I'll update we'll be home sweet home.

On a another note... Felix cut his first tooth last week, on July 26th. It's the bottom right one. Poor little guy... it's been hurting for weeks :) He also started saying "Mama" while we were on vacation. He is indeed saying Mamamamamamama... Laurie has been saying "Papapapa" (daddy in french) for over a month. They are so funny !

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