Thursday, July 03, 2008

About me :)

I saw this on another blog (Thanks Amy) and I found it very neat and thought I'd do the same. Those are *a few* of the things I absolutely adore :)

1. Hugo, 2. Felix & Laurie, 3. Bruno and I, 4. Our house, 5. Sunset at Jaco Beach III, 6. castle, 7. Coffee has two virtues: it is wet and warm., 8. Bauman Birthday Cake, 9. cooking with tyler florence, 10. I-285 Road Sign, 11. Le vieux Québec, 12. Relax, 13. SmartiEz, 14. Toronto Eaton Centre, 15. Fencing in the Sky, 16. Sunday Morning Lily

Which are : 1-Hugo 2-Felix & Laurie 3-My husband 4-Our house 5-Sun 6-Disney 7-Coffee 8-Cake decorating 9-Tyler Florence 10-Road trips 11-Downtown Quebec 12-The beach 13-Smarties 14-Shopping 15-Clouds 16-Lilies

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